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Interview with Milawa Cheese

We were incredibly lucky to interview Ceridwen of the fabulous Milawa Cheese cheesemakers. We found out a little bit about the day-to-day life of a cheesemaker, about the delicious Milawa cheeses and about what might be next for this iconic Australian cheese monger.

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Cheese-Loving Dad

If you're looking for something unique and different for dad for Father's Day this year, look no further! We've got you covered with the best Father's Day gifts... especially for a cheese-loving dad. But we also haven't forgotten the wine, the coffee and even the crackers!  Read on to find out the ultimate in Father's Day gifts.

Gift Ideas in a Box for Every Occasion

Special occasions can happen every day of the year. Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays - even Mondays could have their glow-up moment if  celebrated properly. Whatever the occasion we have the best gift ideas so you can send all the thoughts, feelings, best wishes and warmest regards when you can’t be with the ones you love.

The Ultimate Local-Focused Grazing Table Ideas (and Our Best Cheese Recommendations!)

If you’re strapped for interesting grazing table ideas, focus on local. We’ve pulled together the ultimate local-focused grazing table ideas for your next get together (or just for yourself!).

How to Create Beautiful Cheese Platter Boards

There's an art to creating perfectly balanced cheese platter boards - from cheese to breads, from meats to fruits - it all needs to vibe and meld to create a truly sumptuous feast for you and your guests.  So, let's talk through the simple magic to creating a picture-perfect platter full of delicious, complementary cheeses, tastes and textures.

Perfect Presents for Men (When They’ve Got Everything)

Why is buying the perfects presents for men in your life so hard? We’ve got the solution! Read on for our favourite cheesy gifts (and more)!

How to Make Delicious Coffee at Home

We've been stocking some of the most delicious, local coffees here in our shop. But having incredible coffee is just the start. Knowing how to make delicious, wonderful, utterly sippable coffee at home is the next important step. So we spoke with some of our local coffee roasters and got all the tips and tricks on how to make coffee at home. And we’ve put them together for you here!

Top 10 Cheese-Related Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

We’ve pulled together the top 10 cheese-related Christmas dinner menu ideas to see you deliciously through the festive season. After all, the holidays give you the absolutely perfect excuse to consume, inhale and seriously gorge on your favourite cheeses in scandalously large qualities.  

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Feta Cheese (and More)

There's so many different types of feta cheese. When you're in the market, you might wonder what you should choose. Greek feta. Danish feta. Even Bulgarian feta. Feta for cooking. And ‘table feta’ that’s great to serve as is.   But don't worry - we've got you. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about feta cheese.

Cheese Knives: Are They Really Necessary?

Do you really need a special cheese knife eat cheese? Maybe not - but investing in a set of cheese knives is still a really great idea. Here's are all the reasons why we love using cheese knives!

Christmas in July: Your Christmas Cheese Board

If you’re keen to celebrate the cold weather with an epic Christmas in July celebration, we’ve got your back. We’ve pulled together all the best things to create a Christmas cheese board to celebrate in style (even if it is six months early).

Best (Edible) Father’s Day Gifts for the Other Men in Your Life

Father’s Day is a special day for Dad, of course. But he’s not the only man in your life. Father’s Day is also a grea...
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