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5 suggestions on what to pair with cheese!

If you’re on a quest to find the perfect items to accompany your amazing artisan cheese, you have found the right place! Continue reading for five amazing suggestions of things to pair with cheese that will make your cheeseboard a stunner! We’re pretty sure, the last one may surprise you but is definitely something you need to try! 

🥖 1. A 'vehicle' for the cheese

Something that always fits on a cheese board is what we refer to as the ‘vehicle’ of the cheese, often providing a bit of crunch and simply aiding the process of getting the cheese from the board and into your mouth. Great examples are fresh baguette, lavosh or crackers.
Lavosh crackers

🍯  2. Something on the sweet side

Pastes and honey are also great additions to a cheeseboard. Choose something that’s pretty soft in its flavouring so it doesn’t overpower the beautiful cheese. Great examples are quince paste or some locally sourced honey (especially delicious with blue cheese!)
Pear and Pink Pepper Paste - The Ugly Duck

🥜 3. A change of texture

A bit of crunch never goes wrong either, if you look for something with a bit of texture to add to the cheeseboard some natural nuts are a great choice! Or roasted and salted, just be careful with any flavoured nuts so they don’t overpower!
Cashew nuts and cheese

🍇 4. Something carefully selected

Fruit can work well too, and add a bit of colour! However, be careful with what you pick! Choose wisely, berries like strawberries and blueberries work well, as do muscatels and pear! Fruit to avoid however is dried apricot and green apple, they overpower the cheese!
Grapes and cheese

🍫 5. The wild card

Chocolate is yummy with cheese, and bound to impress any guest! But the same golden rule goes here, choose your chocolate wisely to make sure it doesn’t overpower your delicious artisan cheese! After all, the cheese is the star of the cheeseboard and should not shadowed by anything else! 
Chocolate and cheese
The Grazing Box includes selected Australian, artisan compliments that is all you need to accompany your cheese, check it out here. 
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