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Best (Edible) Father’s Day Gifts for the Other Men in Your Life

Father’s Day is a special day for Dad, of course. But he’s not the only man in your life. Father’s Day is also a great day to remember the other men that have impacted your life for the better. Grandpas, uncles, father-in-laws and great friends who have stepped in when you needed them.

So, take the opportunity this Father’s Day to say, ‘I’m thinking about you’ with some of best edible (and drinkable) Father’s Day gifts around.

Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Other Men in Your Life


Yes, you read that right. Bacon is pretty much the top gift for Father’s Day that we can think of. Why? It’s salty, unctuous deliciousness, and crispy ‘goes-with-anything’ nature just seriously can’t be beat. We don’t like to say any food is ‘manly’. But bacon… well it’s pretty close… manly, womanly and any other ‘ly’ you can think of!

Grabbing a pack of supermarket bacon and smacking a bow on top certainly wouldn’t qualify as one of the best Father’s Day gifts we’ve ever seen. Luckily we’ve got some better choices. Why not try the incredible, crispy, fat-streaked, award-winning Boks Tasmanian Oak Smoked and Dry Cured Streaky Bacon or Boks Woodfired Smoked Bacon? Cold smoked with Tassie Oak, we’re here to tell you, it will change the way the man in your life sees bacon.

Bacon and Cheese.

Want to take it up a notch? Send dad, grandad or your great uncle our Bakin Great Box. This is the beautiful integration of the best Bok’s Tassie bacon with two of Australia’s greatest local cheesemakers – L'Artisan Cheese (VIC) and Woombye Cheese Co (QLD). In the box the man in your life will get the best Father’s Day gifts in the form of soft Woombye Triple Cream and the L’Artisan Raclette to enjoy with their cold-smoked bacon.

The box also comes with two recipes from our brilliant award-winning chef, including an amazing Raclette & Smoked Bacon dish and a bacon wrapped Triple Cream. Customers have described themselves as literally slobbering over these dishes, and we totally get it. You can either send the pack as is to dad or granddad or make the dishes and hand-deliver them as part of your gift. Either way, the man in your life will soon be slobbering, too.


Oh coffee. How we love you! And we know your uncle or father-in-law does, too.

But we’re not talking about the ‘sat-on-the-shelf for weeks after a long trip in a container ship’ coffee from some big, anonymous retailer. It’s only bold, beautiful and completely local Australian grown and produced coffee that will make the list of best Father’s Day gifts. These beans come from family-run farms and prove the fantastic coffee growing environment we have right here in Oz.

Giving the gift of local coffee is a fantastic way to support our economy. But it also makes a market for more sustainable and eco-friendly coffee production. And it gives you the chance to gift something absolutely delicious to someone you love.

Need a place to start? Try Skybury Coffees’s Microlot Peaberry Catui. It’s a medium roast with flavour notes of buttery chocolate and just a hint of lime. It’s grown on the northern end of the Atherton Tablelands, where the rich soil and temperate climate creates the perfect environment for growing the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee.

Or try Jaques Coffee’s Espresso Roast. Their flagship double roast has been described as the ‘perfect fusion in your cup’. You’ll get hints of chocolate, honey, vanilla and caramel in each sip. And Jaques Coffee is also one of our personal favourites because they’re constantly evolving and innovating to incorporate better environmental and sustainable farming practices.

If the father you’re honouring likes something great for drinking any time of the day, try Zentveld’s Byron Bay Blend. A full-bodied and well-balanced blend with a smooth, nutty and dry finish, it’s got a lovely flavour profile of biscuits and chocolate notes which makes it an easy drinker with or without milk.


Tipples are one of the most traditional gifts for fathers (and father figures) on Father’s Day. But wouldn’t it be even better to give something locally produced and completely Australian this Father’s Day, too? We’ve got just the wine for that.

From celebratory bubbles, like the NV Great Scott Sparkling Shiraz to bold Cab Sav, like St Ignatius’ Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, we have wines that are created sustainably and deliciously right here in Australia. In fact, our producers are generally cellar-door only winemakers whose work is more of an art than a commodity. You won’t find them on the shelves of the bottle-o and that makes them special and the perfect thing to surprise dad or not-dad with this Father’s Day!

Even better – why not give them a wine pack, like our Perfect Pair Wine Pack or Rhodium Wine Pack. This lets them try several different wines. And they might even ask you join them in the tasting. Definitely a win win!


Chocolate might normally be thought of as something for Mum, but you’d be doing the men in your life a serious disservice. Especially when you get a gander at the chocolate on offer by local chocolatier Kokopod. Kokopod combines their chocolate with flavour combos like orange and fennel, lemon myrtle and macadamia, fig, cocoa and coconut and (our favourite) chilli raspberry. Or grab a Kokopod Grazing Chocolate Pack and let dad give them all a try.

And last, but definitely not least… cheese!

We’re definitely biased, but we think cheese makes the ultimate Father’s Day gift whether you’re thinking of your dad, or someone else entirely. We have so many beautiful cheeses to choose from, and our box combos make it easy to get a selection that anyone will love.

Try our Therapy Box for Australian artisanal cheeses. Or our Globetrotter Box if you fancy gifting something a little more international. If you’re thinking soft cheeses will make the best gift, or blues, or even washed rinds, we have a pack curated with the best of the best to suit your fancy.

Father’s Day Hampers

Of course, we’ve always got some incredible gift hampers ready to head out to your loved one. No muss, no fuss! Check out our Father’s Day Gifts or grab one of our special hampers below.

Father’s Day is for dad and all those who feel like dad to you. Give them the best Father’s Day gifts – they deserve it!

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