Australian, International or Blue? Which Cheese Box is Right for You?

With all the choices at Cheese Therapy, some of our customers wonder which cheese box is right for them. Should they go for the Cheese Therapy Box, with its focus on Australian cheeses? Or maybe relive days spent travelling through Italy with our Globetrotter Pack? Or maybe just stick with their one true love and order the definitive Blue Cheese Pack.

We get it… the choice can be hard (that’s why we own a cheese business!). But here is some info that might help you make your first choice. And you know, you can always come back again (we don’t mind).

Australian, International of Blue? Which Cheese Box is Right for You?

Australian Cheese Therapy Box 


Cheese has been part of our Australian culture since the First Fleet landed. It’s listed among the onboard provisions and the fleet even arrived with two bulls and four cows aboard. Of course, cheese making didn’t happen straight away (especially since the cattle escaped into the bush and weren’t found for seven years!). But eventually the first dairy was built in Rose Hill, NSW in 1796, near the banks of the Parramatta River. And by the 1900s we had a thriving dairy industry.

Of course, we’ve had our down days. Three decades ago, low-cost, factory-produced cheddar accounted for around 70% of the cheese Australians consumed. But today there has been a resurgence of locally produced, world-class specialty cheeses with almost half the cheese we consume being the fresh, mouldy, semi-hard and stretched varieties.


What distinguishes Australian cheeses from other countries’ is simply the quality of the milk. To make superior quality cheese you need superior quality raw milk that has high fat and protein levels. And then this needs to be transformed with care and skill into the cheeses themselves.

But when it comes to the taste of individual cheeses, Australian cheeses run the gamut of stinky, soft, semi-hard and blue. They can be creamy or crumbly. They can come off your knife in pungent shards or stretchily cling like smooth buttercream. Whatever you’re craving, you can find, right here at home with the added bonus of supporting your local, artisanal cheesemakers.

About Our Australian Cheese Therapy Box 

Our Therapy Box pulls together four scrumptious Australian-made cheeses into one curated cheese box.

    This is the one for you if…

    You love superior quality cheeses that support our local economy.

    Blue Cheese 4 Pack


    Not everyone loves blue cheese. The strong, pungent smell and mouldy, chunky appearance can be divisive. But there’s a reason people have been enjoying this style of cheese since the 7th century. It is phenomenally delicious.

    In fact, blue cheese was a happy accident. The story goes that in the 7th century, in a village outside of Roquefort, France, a shepherd left some bread and cheese inside a cave. A few months later he came back and found the cheese which had been covered in mould. He had accidentally created blue cheese!

    Today blue cheese can be made from milk from cows, sheep or goats. The mould cultures are added to the cheese milk, and oxygen is introduced via skewer or thin needle. It’s this process that allows the “blue” to develop in the cheese (over about three to six months), and the flavour profile to grow.


    When it comes to blue cheese, the taste is out of this world. The injected oxygen gives the cheese its softer texture with intense strokes of piquancy. And while the taste varies vastly between cheese varieties depending on the size, shape and time spent aging, in general blue cheese has a sharp, tangy and salty flavour profile, and a pungent smell.

    About Our Blue Cheese Pack

    In our Blue Cheese 4 Pack we’ve curated a cheese box with four of the best blue cheeses we can get our hands on. Y

    This is the one for you if…

    You love big, bold flavourful cheese that demands your attention.

    The Globetrotter Pack 


    The history of cheese worldwide is clearly too much for us to tackle in one short blog post. But suffice it to say that cheese production and consumption itself predates history to more than 8,000 years ago. It is believed that the first cheese was created when milk was transported in the stomachs of domesticated sheep. The naturally present rennet in the stomach lining would have curdled the milk to produce the earliest forms of cheese.

    From this happy accident cheesemaking spread around the world. And in the Middle Ages the first cheeses that we’re familiar with were created, including cheddar, gouda, parmesan and camembert. With this global phenomenon countries started to develop their own cheese-making styles and specialties. For example, Lithuania is best known for natural curd cheese, which has been produced since the Middle Ages. Belgium has been creating Limburger, a well-loved soft cheese since the same time. While Switzerland produces almost 30,000 metric tons of le gruyere each year.


    Of course, when it comes to taste, every cheese will have their own unique flavour profile and texture. But when we source our international cheeses we want to make sure you’re getting some of the best exported cheese possible. We want you to place that crumble of Danish Havarti on your tongue and immediately feel transported back to the cool banks of Copenhagen. Or catch the scent of the petit muster and hear the sounds of the bells ringing across the Seine.

    About Our Globetrotter Pack

    In our Globetrotter Pack you’ll get four of the best international cheeses in one easy-to-order and enjoy cheese box. 

      This is the one for you if…

      You love cheese that takes you on a tour of the world.

      The good news is... you don’t have to choose! Shop all your favourite Australian, international and blue cheese boxes today.

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