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How to Make Delicious Coffee at Home

Local, sustainable, Australian-grown, family-owned coffee. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing. And once we got it in our eye line, we knew we had to start stocking these beautiful beans in our own shop.

But having incredible coffee is just the start. Knowing how to make coffee (delicious, wonderful, utterly sippable coffee) at home is the next important step.

So we spoke with some of our local coffee roasters and got all the tips and tricks on how to make coffee at home. And we’ve put them together for you here!

How to Make Coffee at Home

Start with good beans

When it comes to how to make coffee at home, the best first step is buying fresh, high-quality roasted beans. When you buy coffee off the supermarket shelves, it may have been roasted months ago (and thousands of kilometres away).

But roasted coffee reaches its peak flavour quite quickly after roasting. That’s why buying local is not only the most sustainable way to enjoy your coffee, but will also ensure you get the best flavour. And we’re incredibly fortunate to be able to work with and support some of best coffee growers right here in Australia.

Jaques Coffee

Jaques Coffee are pioneers in the commercial coffee growing industry in Australia with three generations of coffee production knowledge guiding their business. Try their flagship Espresso Roast, described as the ‘perfect fusion in your cup’ with hints of chocolate, honey, vanilla and caramel. Or their Medium Roast with flavour notes of sweet spices, honey and chocolate and just a hint of jasmine.

Shop: Jaques Coffee’s Espresso Roast or Medium Roast

Zentveld’s Coffee

Zentveld’s is a Byron Bay institution. And Byron’s cooler subtropical climate means Zentveld’s team can manage their 40 acres of coffee trees organically, without the use of harmful pesticides.

Try their full bodied, smooth and nutty Byron Bay Blend, with its profile of biscuits and chocolate notes. And if you want an award-winning espresso roast, try the Ernesto Roast. 

Shop: Zentveld’s Coffee Byron Bay Blend or Ernesto Roast

Skybury Coffee

Skybury Coffee grows over 90,000 flowering coffee trees at the top of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland. The well-drained soil, frost-free climate and good annual rainfall makes this the ideal climate for growing the fantastic Bourbon variety of coffee beans.

Try the Microlot Peaberry Catui medium roast which reminds the drinker of buttery chocolate and tart lime.  Or try the House Blend, a fantastic mix of the medium and dark roast.

Shop: Skybury Coffee’s Microlot Peaberry Catui or House Blend

Pick the right grind

When it comes to how to make coffee at home you want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right grind size… because it matters. If your grind is too big, the flavour that’s extracted won’t be strong enough. And that will leave you with a weak, watery cup of coffee.

On the other hand, if the grind size is too small, you can ‘over extract’ or pull out too much flavour. And this can actually make a bitter coffee. Both aren’t very enjoyable. The right grind size ensures that you’re extracting just the right amount of flavour from your beautiful beans. 

Fresh is best!

The best way to ensure that you’ve got the best tasting coffee when you’re making coffee at home is to make sure that you keep your ground coffee fresh. And that comes down to proper storage.

Our experts suggest going with a sealed container with a one-way valve. These are often sold in good, local coffee shops. Or just use a sealed opaque container (opaque because sunlight can cause coffee to go stale). And try to use the smallest container possible for your purposes. Contact with air also decreases shelf life (and so flavour)!

Weigh don’t scoop!

When it comes time to brew your coffee you might be tempted to measure out your coffee grinds with a tablespoon or even a dedicated coffee scoop. But when it comes to how to make coffee perfectly, you’ll want to measure your grinds. This will ensure that you get the same amount of coffee per unit of water. And that consistency will mean you get a fantastic cup of coffee every time.

Understand the water to coffee ratio

Everyone has their own personal opinion about the right ratio of water to coffee grounds. But most of the experts we spoke to suggested starting with 60g coffee to one litre of water for filter coffee, and a 1:2 ratio for espresso.

But you should absolutely feel free to change this. If you like your coffee not quite as strong, start with a little lower amount of grounds. And if you like it stronger, start with a bit more. Trial and error will be your friend!

Get your temp right

When it comes to how to make coffee at home, you need to make sure your coffee is the right temp. And the best temp for brewing is around 93-96C. Hotter than that and you’re at risk of over-extracting or burning your coffee.

The best way to get the temperature right is to use a thermometer. Or if you don’t have one, just bring the water to a boil, and then remove it from the heat and let is sit for about 90 seconds. The water will be just right for brewing your coffee!

Don’t skip the pre-infusion or bloom

A pre-infusion (or bloom) is the process of slowly pouring hot water over the ground coffee. What this does is release any carbon dioxide left over from the roasting process, which means your coffee tastes better. It’s really easy to do. Just pour the water slowly over, making sure the grounds are thoroughly wet. Let them sit for around 45 seconds and then start your brewing process.

What about cheese?

We know what you’re thinking... you’re Cheese Therapy. So, what about the cheese? Well if you’ve never paired cheese and coffee together then you’re in for a real treat. We’ve spent some time finding the best coffee and cheese pairings, and we promise, they’re pretty amazing!

Read Cheese and Coffee Pairings 

Now it’s your turn

Learning how to make coffee at home (and delicious coffee at that!) is no problem once you’ve got all the tips and tricks. And when you make it with delicious, Australian sustainable coffee that’s even better. Give it a go. It’s worth it.

Check out our shop for all our favourite coffee from some of the best Australian growers. And get started brewing great coffee at home!

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