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Love Handmade Artisan Cheeses? Meet Udder Delights

If you’re a cheese-lover (and if you’re reading this, you probably are), you’re not going to be satisfied with a chunk of Tasty Cheese from your local supermarket. And it’s one of our great pleasures in life to seek out the best, the brightest and the most delicious artisan cheesemakers in Australia. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to goat and cow milk handmade cheese artisans, Udder Delights.

Meet Udder Delights

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Owned and run by Saul and Sheree Sullivan, these second-generation cheesemakers have been putting the love into cheese since 1999. Their team are the core of what makes Udder Delights so special and their products unique. From South Australian paddocks all the way to your cheese board, let’s learn a little about what makes this cheese so ‘udderly’ delightful.

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Udder Delights values sustainable community. They grow local, make local, employ local, live local and give local. Their love of all things cheese goes way back to Sheree Sullivan’s parents Trevor and the late Estelle Dunford. Back in the 1990s, their Adelaide Hills raspberry and fig farm needed a couple of goats to eat the cane clippings. Little did they know that those little goats, Nora and Nell, would be the start of something big. But one thing led to another, and by 1999 the Dunfords had established a goat cheese factory in Lobethal. Udder Delights was born.

Today Saul and Sheree are proudly at the helm of the company and continue making and selling a range of truly delicious goat and cow milk cheeses.

From the Fleurieu Peninsula to the Adelaide Hills to Hahndorf to You

Udder Delights source their goat and cow milk from the best goat and cow dairies across the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. This means the ripple effect of buying handmade artisan cheese spreads beyond the cheesemaker and cheese cellar door, out to all the local family dairies and the regional communities they call home.

The actual cheesy magic happens within the historic walls of the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill, in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal. Once a manufacturing hub for quality textiles, it’s now the home of handmade artisan cheese. If only those walls could talk, there’d be some fascinating stories to tell, from wool to cheese, and all handmade.

Next stop on our trip around South Australia is Hahndorf where Udder Delights has a unique cheese cellar. Here you can have a cheese cellar breakfast, lunch, snack or high tea. Or, if you’re really keen (and we are!) you can take your love of cheese to the next level by joining a cheesemaking class with chief executive Sheree Sullivan.

And if you’re a local, check out Udder Delights’ wedding cakes, celebration cakes and cheese towers. We’re already dreaming up a celebration, solely for the cake of cheese!

However, if you’re far from the Hahndorf cellar door you don’t need to work. We’ve got you covered here at Cheese Therapy with some of the best cheeses that Udder Delights has to offer. And no matter if you’re at the beach or mountain, village or city, we’ll deliver the cheesy goodness right to your door.

The Best Way to Eat Your Udder Delights Cheese

Udder Delights creates beautiful moreish cheeses, which pair perfectly with the accompaniments found in our Grazing Box and Wine Box. Teaming these means you can confidently create a delectable, delightful, share-worthy platter.

  • Truffle Brie is an oozy, exquisite, decadent delight. Made from Adelaide Hills Double Cream Brie, it’s ripened to perfection and then smothered in West Australian black truffles. This is a true taste sensation, and it whizzes out the door almost as quickly as we can get our hands on it, so get your keyboard fingers flying!
  • Adelaide Hills Double Cream Brie has a decadent buttery texture. Extra cream is added to the milk to boost the amount of butterfat, before continuing to form the curds. The additional cream balances the acidity to offset the oozy, velvety texture. Just wait until you taste it. 
  • Adelaide Hills Triple Cream Brie is a super indulgent cheese with a wonderful buttery taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture. As the name suggests, it’s creamier than a double cream brie and will take pride of place on your cheese board.

Both the Double Cream and Triple Cream Brie are in and out of stock, so be sure to check back in frequently to make your order. Or shoot us a message and we can tell you when they’re available!

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Everything Starts Down on the Farm

When it comes to top quality cheese, everything starts down on the farm. From grass to cow and goat, milk to cheese and factory to your door, we’re so grateful for the farmers that give their all to create a sustainable beautiful cheese experience from the farm to you.

Healthy, contented animals make for happy farmers, happy cheesemakers and happy cheese eaters. Udder Delights love animals, as do their dairy farmers. The goats and cows are farmed in large grass pastures, utilising best practice techniques and ethical livestock treatment. The animals have room to peacefully roam and feed, which makes for top quality milk.

The milk is then delivered to the Lobethal factory, where it is made into exceptional cheese by the artisan team, ready for distribution across the country to you.

Prepare your Platter for an Udder Delights Experience

No matter the weather, time of day, or how full your calendar, take a moment to make an online order for cheese delivery, direct to your door. Imagine the udder delight of opening your door to a box of Cheese Therapy, ready for toasting, sharing or celebrating for any occasion – even a pyjama party for one. So put in your order, prepare your platter and get ready to indulge in truly delicious cheese.

Fill your cheese board with Udder Delight’s handmade artisan cheese by ordering today. You’ll thank us later.

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