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Netflix & Cheese – Cheese Home Delivery, When You Need It

Curling up on the couch, with a great glass of wine in hand, a platter of delicious cheese and crackers on the table and our fave Netflix show on the telly. That. Is. Life. (OK, maybe that’s just us. But it’s pretty good, regardless.) But what’s not great? Having to get up off that lovely, comfy couch to brave the over-crowded shops just to get the supplies you need. 

Don’t worry! We can help sustain your inner introvert and give you back some of your precious time for yourself through our cheese home delivery service. That means more time for you and your favourite binge-worthy cheeses (and shows)!

Netflix & Cheese – Cheese Home Delivery When You Need It

Cheese Home Delivery – Cheese that Comes to You.

If you’re like us, Friday night isn’t complete with a gooey soft brie, or a pungent blue to accompany our cheeky glass of wine (or two!). But at the end of a long week, you don’t always have the time and energy to get out after work and pick up just what you’re craving. That’s where our cheese home delivery comes into its own.

Our cheese boxes come to you ready to help you underscore the end of the week and get you ready for the weekend. Or get a cheese home delivery when you’re having a party, a BBQ, friends round for the arvo or just because you need an excuse to stay on the couch (the best reason of all).

What You Get

Each of our cheese boxes comes with four different, ‘guaranteed-to-cause-swooning’, cheeses. You can have it delivered on your schedule – monthly, bi-monthly or just place an order when you need it/want it. How and when you get your cheese home delivery is totally up to you. 

We guarantee that the cheese arrives to you cold and fresh – and ready for your next Netflix & chill night in (or whatever you want cheese for).

Your Cheese Box Options

When you get a home delivery from Cheese Therapy you have so many options. Try one of our curated boxes – your choice of the Cheese Therapy Box or the Globetrotter Pack. Or one of our cheesemaker packs. 

With our Cheese Therapy Box you get four different cheeses made by small, artisan Australian cheesemakers, curated to bring you the best of the best. Our Globetrotter Pack is similar but features four of the best international cheeses (one stinky, one blue, one soft and one hard). Every cheese box comes with detailed tasting notes and origin descriptions so you know exactly what you’re eating (and why it’s so damn delicious).

Or try out one of our cheesemaker packs focused on our incredible cheesemakers. You’ll get to sample the cheeses that made them who they are.

No matter what you choose, you can trust that they’re going to be really incredible. All our cheeses have been fully taste-tested and vetted by us personally (a part of our job that we really, really enjoy).

Binge-Worthy Cheese for Your Binge-Worthy Shows

Now that you know how easy it is to get your cheese home delivery whenever and however you need it, you just need to figure out what to order (and boy, do we have some fantastic choices for you). We’ve pulled together our fave binge-worthy cheeses for your fave binge-worthy Netflix shows!

The Queen’s Gambit 

At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, brie earned the nickname the ‘Queen of Cheeses’, making it the perfect choice for the Netflix original show, The Queen’s Gambit. This is no surprise to us, as the double-crème has long reigned as one of the most popular French cheeses here in Australia and The Queen’s Gambit is proving to be one of the most popular Netflix shows. 

Try the Woombye Ash Brie, named as Australia’s number one brie, and truly the queen of bries.

Order Woombye Cheese Pack


There are a lot of things to love about the period drama, Bridgerton, but one of the most talked about is its sheer sexiness. And what kind of cheese can match the hot antics of Simon and Daphne… well that would be the sexy camembert.

A great thing about the camembert is that it can be baked… pull it out when it’s hot and melty, the perfect luscious accompaniment to the lusty show. Serve with crusty bread, a crystal carafe of malbec and maybe even some new potatoes. Sex on a plate.

Try the Milawa Camembert, a buttery oozing wheel that will make you feel like you’re in the luxurious scenes of Bridgerton yourself.

Order The Milawa Pack


Surprisingly, the Vikings ate a lot of dairy products. Ranging from buttermilk to yoghurt and all the cheese in between, it was a staple of their diet. And today, the Danes are well known for beautiful blue cheeses. So, what better way to celebrate a night on the couch with the Netflix show Vikings than some fragrant, tangy, ripe blue cheeses.

Try the Tarago River Gippsland Blue, which has been described by the cheesemaker as deeply complex, like a ‘difficult child’. Sounds a bit like Ragnar Lothbrok, don’t you think?

Order Tarago River Cheesemaker Pack

Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy is one of the new kids on the block at Netflix, but it’s already rapidly gaining popularity. A reimagining of superheros (and their kids) and the relationships that made them who they are, it’s a fun, action-packed, and yes, emotional, adventure. So, that’s why we picked a stinky cheese!

Try The Grotto, one of our favourite stinky cheeses. It starts life as a camembert but is washed daily in a secret brine recipe that gives is a beautiful orange tone, and a characteristic stinky smell. Just like a superhero, it starts off as one thing, but due to an outside event, it becomes something else (even more incredible) after!

Order The Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack 

It’s not over, til the cheese arrives!

Cheese home delivery might not seem like the most obvious choice, but when it comes to Netflix and cheese, there’s just no reason to leave your couch! Let us do the heavy lifting (and the tasting). Just pop into the online shop and order today – we’ll take care of the rest, so you can get back to your favourite shows right away.

Order today and never get caught without your favourite cheeses again!




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