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The difference between Brie and Camembert

Two beloved types of cheese. Camembert and Brie share many similarities. Both cheeses are surface ripened developing a beautiful white mould on the outside and ripening from the surface to the inside of the cheese. They are both soft cheeses made from cow's milk and share a similar flavour profile. 

They almost seem to be interchangeable, right? Well, sometimes they can be depending on the recipe but traditionally - there are some differences!

Brie cheese is named after the region in France where it was first made, in the area of Il-de-France. Brie also has more cream added in comparison to the Camembert. This type of cheese is often made in other varieties using double or triple cream to make it even more luxurious and buttery.

Brie is also traditionally made in bigger wheels, and slices are sold! The smaller versions are often referred to as baby Brie. Camembert on the other hand is most commonly made in smaller sizes and rarely made in bigger wheels! 

There you go, Brie and Camembert - two types of cheeses that are same, same but different! 

Try some delicious Camembert and Triple Cream Brie in the Woombye Cheesemaker pack here. 

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