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What to Put in the Perfect Cheese and Wine Hampers

There are so many reasons to put together cheese and wine hampers. Date nights, housewarming gifts, thank you gifts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just to name a few.

Putting together a cheese and wine hamper might seem as easy as grabbing your favourite tipple from the local bottle-o and popping a few delicious cheeses into a basket. And, you know, that could be absolutely fantastic (you really can’t go wrong with wine and cheese after all!). But if you want to take it to the next level, here are our expert tips on what to put in cheese and wine hampers for any occasion.

The Perfect Cheese and Wine Hampers


Pick Your Cheeses

Your first step (and our favourite part) is to pick your cheeses. These will be the foundation of everything else that you build into your cheese and wine hamper. So, if you’re into soft cheeses, you might put together a silky Le Marquis Chevré and a Tarago Golden Gem Triple Cream. Or maybe you love blues, and you can combine a beautiful oozing D’Affinois Blue and a luscious Cashel Blue all the way from Ireland. You can grab one of our signature style boxes – such as the Soft Cheese Pack, the Hard Cheese Pack, the Blue Cheese 4 Pack or even the Washed Rind Cheese 4 Pack to get you started.

Better yet, pick a variety of different styles – soft, semi-hard, hard, blue, stinky. They all have something beautiful to bring to your table. If you want to focus on Australian artisanal cheeses, you can start your wine and cheese hamper by ordering our Therapy Box, which gives you a beautiful variety of local, European-inspired cheeses from right here in your own backyard. Or grab a Globetrotter Box from across the pond and start building your international hamper from there.

Picking cheese you love means you’re off to a fantastic start with building your cheese and wine hamper.

Select your wines.

Once you’ve selected your cheeses, you can narrow down the wine (or better yet, wines!) that you’d like to accompany them. While we do believe that some cheeses have a natural vibe with certain wines (bubbles and brie, cab sav and cheddar), whatever floats your boat is also fine with us. There really isn’t any right or wrong (you do you as the kids say!). So, here are our favourite pairings – but you should feel free to pair your wine and cheese however you like!

If you’d like to get a delivery of our ‘sure-to-please and match-your-cheese’ wine choices, just grab our Perfect Pair Wine Pack or Rhodium Wine Pack.

Something Crunchy

Now that you’ve got the wine and cheese sorted for your cheese and wine hamper, you’re nearly there. But you still need some other items to really complete the taste journey. This starts with something crunchy.

Most often people include crackers – either a variety, or a specific type that suits the cheese they’re serving. So, you might want to include a robust but mild wheat cracker for your spreadable softer cheeses, and a wafer-like, water cracker for your shards of tangy parmesan. Of course, we love the beautifully-light, sourdough Fleur Lavosh cracker created by Silver Tongue Goods for pretty much all our cheeses.

But crackers aren’t the only crunchy options. We love nuts, too. Almonds, walnuts and pecans all pair beautifully with all types of cheeses. Popping a small jar of these into your cheese and wine hamper will pop it to the next level.

Something Spready

Pâtés, chutneys, pastes and relishes all pair wonderfully with cheese, whether sweet, savoury or spicy. We love beetroot relish, quince paste, peach jam and mango chutney.

While the strongly flavoured cheeses pair best with sweet (we find), such as blue cheese and peach jam, we again want to stress that you should feel free to match your spread and cheese in any way that you like. In fact, try your favourite cheeses with all the spreads (and even add in honey!) and then tell us your favourite. We’re always looking for new combos, too.

Something Fruity

Figs, pears, dried apricots, even pineapple can go really, really well with cheese. (In fact, if you haven’t tried pineapple and blue cheese before, we really, really recommend it. Fruit pairs well with cheese because of the lovely combination of salty, sharp and sweet flavours.

Some of our fave combos:

Something Sweet

You really can’t call your cheese and wine hamper complete without including something sweet. We have to admit that we usually do go for some dark chocolate, and Kokopod makes some of the best. They combine the pinnacle of flavours with their local, vegan chocolate combos, like orange and fennel, lemon myrtle and macadamia, fig, cocoa and coconut and (our favourite) chilli raspberry. Great news! You don’t have to choose. Grab a Kokopod Grazing Chocolate Pack and give them all a try.

Or if you’re after something a bit more international, try our Gaston Chocolat Tasting Pack. Their master crafter Olivier Fernandez has worked closely with 1,000 cacao famers to produce chocolate that embraces their native Vanuatu flavours. From caramel to coconut, candied oranges to rum raisins, they have a chocolate combo for every sweet tooth.

Something Extra

Depending on what you’re compiling your cheese and wine hamper for, you might want to consider a little something extra. Perhaps coffee, which pairs beautifully with a grazing table in the morning or arvo. And we’ve put together some beautiful combos if you’re looking for inspo.

Or why not try something a little outside the norm, but absolutely, stunningly delicious – like bacon! We’ve tried incredible, crispy Boks Tasmanian Oak Smoked and Dry Cured Streaky Bacon and Boks Woodfired Smoked Bacon and we’re here to tell you – it will change the way you see both bacon, and cheese. A match made in foodie heaven.

If you want our suggestions on how to get a cheese, wine and bacon hamper started, why not grab our Bakin Great Box. It gives you the essentials, and you can just add on from there!

Not Keen on DIY? Get in Touch!

If you don’t feel like putting together the cheese and wine hamper (or you’re stuck inside and can’t) we’ve already put together some of our favourites for you.

Get your cheese and wine hampers started today with some of our excellent Cheese Therapy products… you’ll be glad you did!

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