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Nimbin Valley Dairy

We all know Nimbin as a NSW hub for impeccable produce and Nimbin Valley Dairy certainly adds to this reputation!
Nimbin Valley Dairy is the home of Kerry and Paul Wilson, together with 60 cows and 150 of the happiest free-ranging goats this side of Capricorn. Who doesn't love a happy cow?
Inspired by the French and Italian plus a hefty 5 generations behind them each, these cheesemakers make the kind of cheese that stands a testament to their families long standing traditions.
Nimbin Valley Dairy

These are the cheeses in the current Nimbin Valley pack.
Please click on each cheese for the tasting note:
SEMI-HARD: Monte Nardi
SOFT: Tintenbar Triple Cream
STINKY: Nashua Washed Rind
BLUE: Blue Cow
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