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Tarago River Cheese

We can't go without small Australian cheesemakers like Tarago River Cheese. We love working with our cheesemakers, sharing in their passion and showcasing the artful way they craft their cheese. Tarago is no exception. It's hard to choose only four of the best cheeses when it comes to Tarago, they're all so dreamy but in this pack, we've done our best to bring together what we'd say is four of the 'best cheeses of the season'. 

Settled in the Western Port catchment in Gippsland, Tarago River Cheese company uses the seasonal variations in the region to their advantage and continue to follow the time honoured tradition of farmhouse cheesemaking. So what does this mean for all the cheese-lovers out there? You get to discover a bountiful cheese harvest with multiplicity of flavours and textures! Cheese, they wheel-y (we had to) do make miracles!

These are the cheeses in the current Tarago River Cheese pack.
Please click on each cheese for the tasting note:
SOFT: Gippsland Brie
STINKY: Jensens Red
BLUE: Shadows of Blue
BLUE: Gippsland Blue
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