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Coeur de Bray - From the hearts of maids

Coeur de Bray From the hearts of maids

  • Producer - Graindorge
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 4 weeks

Although it is easy to assume, not everything heart-shaped
relates to the commercial reality that is Valentine’s Day. This
famous French cheese links back 1000 years, however, was
made famous during the Hundred Years’ War of 1337 to 1453.
The battle was on for the succession to the French throne
between the Kingdoms of England and France. The
Normandy region, well regarded for its soft and alluring
cheeses, was mostly occupied by the English. Naturally, the
French dairy maids created the Coeur de Bray to woo their
English occupiers.

It’s easy to consider this in the same vein as camembert which
hails from the same region. The mushroom aroma hides
amongst the fluffy white mould that can often be quite thick.
Once inside, the pate is different to camemberts in that it can
be sharp and tart and often firm, sometimes grainy. With age,
this cheese develops a stronger flavour as the interior breaks
down to become smooth and creamy.

Neufchatel fact of the day
This cheese, also known as Neufchatel, has a tradition that
sets it apart from all other cheeses. It takes about 24hours of
acidification and draining the curds with a minimum addition of
rennet. Further, tradition states that a cheese made “yesterday
be added to today’s curd”. This process was done to advance
the correct mould and bacteria. After being formed into the
hearts, it is salted and allowed to dry before being moved to
the maturing rooms at a constant 12degs for 3-4weeks to allow
for the mould to flourish.

Drink with
• Cider
• Apple Brandy
• Pinot Gris
• Pinot Noir

Eat with
• Light breads
• Lavosh
• Wafer
• Quince

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