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Firey - Awaken the senses

Firey Awakening the senses

  • Producer - Yarra Valley Dairy
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 5 days

A fresh curd is not something we often do as it can often be
quite... boring. The modern go to for any salad, it is often the
highlight on a lifeless lettuce. Its sourness combines well with
sweetness but often needs a buddy to make it truly come alive.
And to be honest, we aren’t fans of flavoured cheeses as most
are created to hide a rubbish tasting cheese. But then there is
the Firey. Fresh, yes. Flavoured, yes. So why are we presenting
this to you? Because it works and stands on its own to give you
something new and exciting.

The thought of a chilli cheese is quite off-putting, particularly
the amount of chilli seeds you see in the bottom of the jar! For
those who break into a sweat at the site of the red devil, fear
not. The YVD guys have perfected the heat with the sourness
of this fresh curd. The mild heat warms the throat as the
creaminess envelopes the mouth. The full flavour of this fresh
curd has not been hidden by the olive oil, garlic or dried chilli,
but greatly enhanced into a cheese to eat alone as part of a
greater plan.

Lactose fact of the day
Nearly all of us know someone who loves cheese but won’t go
near it as they claim to be “lactose intolerant”. The rise of this
intolerance has also led to the great mistruth of lactose and
cheese. You see, cheese is a fermented product and needs
sugar (lactose) to ferment. As the cheese ages, the lactose is
turned into lactic acid. Generally, a cheese matured 3 or more
weeks will have close to zero lactose! Surprising? A surefire way
to identify lactose in cheese is see if there is any sugar in the
nutritional information on the label. And lactose-free cheese?
Don’t get me started!

Drink with
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Apple Cider
• Bitter Ale

Eat with
• Lamb Cutlets
• Roasted Sweet Potatoes
• Steamed Broccoli

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