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White Savourine - Goaty Goodness

White Savourine Goaty Goodness

  • Producer - Yarra Valley Dairy
  • Origin - Australia 
  • Milk Type - Goat 

If you haven’t been to Victoria’s Yarra Valley, what are you waiting for? It has to be one of the country’s most stunning regions, with prestigious cellar doors and artisan food producers, and barely an hour from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.

The area has a rich history of dairying, with a cheese factory and buttery established locally by early settlers to the area. Yarra Valley Dairy continues this tradition, although the goats milk used to produce their Savourine is sourced from the Gippsland region, where the grass is apparently greener (if you’re a goat anyway).

The Savourine log comes from YVD’s ‘mature’ range and is the perfect pairing of traditional goat’s cheese with the white mould of a good brie. What’s not to like?


The delicious white rind has a robust, earthy character, enveloping the mild, creamy centre. On the inside it has classic goat’s cheese flavour, with a firmer than usual texture, and a citrusy tang.


The rind of this cheese helps to give the cheese a firmer structure, which makes it great for cooking as well as looking great on a cheeseboard. Try slicing on pizza, combining with rocket and chilli jam on toast for an indulgent breakfast, or laying on top of a tarte tatin for a gooey savoury edge.

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Yarra Valley Dairy White Savourine. Courtesy of Yarra Valley Dairy

Yarra Valley Dairy White Savourine. Courtesy of Visit Victoria

Images courtesy of Visit Victoria & Yarra Valley Dairy

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