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Le Conquerant Petit Camembert - Divide and Conquer...

Le Conquerant Petit Camembert Divide and Conquer...

  • Producer - Le Conquerant
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 6 weeks 

This is as close to raw milk soft cheese as we can get in Australia. The region of Normandy on the western coast of France is not only famous for it's cider, but also for it's raw cows milk cheese such as the creamy, hand ladled Cambembert de Normandie. This little beauty represents all that is beautiful about this style, made from pasteurised milk for the Australian market, and due to this defiance, named after William the Conquer!


Opulent in its creaminess, Le Conquerant is everything you want from a Camembert. With faint hints of wet straw and apple on the nose, its secret lies in the use of specially selected cultures, moulds, and yeasts, and of course rich Normandy milk.


The traditional wooden poplar box and wax paper wrap create a microclimate that encourages the chalky heart of a young cheese to slowly break down over three to four weeks, eventually becoming deliciously soft and fudgy by the use by date.

• Dry Cider
• Pinot
• Merlot

• Lavosh
• Quince Paste

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Le Conquerant Petit Camembert

Images courtesy of Will Studd. 

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