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Aphrodite Haloumi - From the Greek goddess of love

Aphrodite Haloumi From the Greek goddess of love

  • Producer – Will Studd Selected
  • Origin - Cyprus
  • Milk Type - Sheep & Goat
  • Ageing - 1 week

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is best known as the birthplace
of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, as well as haloumi. Dating
back thousands of years, haloumi was first created by nomadic
shepherds to preserve the island’s milk supplies in Spring. Although
this cheese is often bought in commercial-looking rectangles, the
randomness of Aphrodite haloumi gives an insight into one of the
last farmhouse producers and the six ladies who make this cheese
by hand. The recipe stays true to its heritage using both ewe and
goat’s milk and even including dried mint leaves to add flavour and
serve as a preservative.

It’s pretty hard not to love haloumi after it has been cooked. The
ewe’s milk ensures a beautiful golden crust when fried while the
goat’s milk gives the cheese its distinctive firm texture and lemony
tang. Cut into 1cm thick slices, fried to a golden crust on both sides
and then drizzled with lemon... It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

Cyprus facts of the day...
Cypress is best known as the birthplace of Aphrodite but is also
well known as the playground of the Gods. It’s warm
Mediterranean climate makes this the obvious place to hang out!
Cyprus receives just 40days of rainfall each year and is basked in
sunshine for the rest of the year. This a very proud country of just
over 1 million Cypriots. And the national symbol? The Cypriot
Mouflon (wild sheep) and white dove. This place is a must visit.

Drink with
• Semillon Sauvignon
• Sparkling Wine

Eat with
• Fried and drizzled with lemon
• In a beetroot & pita salad

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