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Barely Buzzed - The rub of the cheese...

Barely Buzzed  The rub of the cheese...

  • Producer - Beehive Cheese Co.
  • Origin - USA
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing -4 months

Ah Utah. State of beards, barn raising and, well, Mormons. Not
the sort of place you associate with any of the libertine pleasures
that many of us cheese-aholics indulge in from day to day - in
fact in Mormon communities you could be run out of town as
fast as your horse and carriage will take you just for drinking a
cup of coffee...

Fascinating then that Utah is home to the Beehive Cheese Co.,
whose best-selling Barely Buzzed cheese is literally coated in
roasted coffee, ground together with French lavender buds. This
unique mixture is diluted with oil and lasciviously rubbed into
the day old wheels of cheese before being allowed to mature.
Interestingly enough this combination of ingredients does not
deliver significant coffee or lavender flavours, but instead
imparts delicious earthy butterscotch/caramel notes into the
heart of the cheese.
Lastly, it’s good to know that the guys at Beehive like to keep
things in the family – the coffee roaster is none other than the
cheesemaker’s brother! Well it is Utah after all.

The gorgeous coffee bean edible rind gives way to a creamy,
smooth textured cheddar-style cheese. Less ‘bitey’ than vintage
cheddars it has a rich, milky flavour and unique notes of
butterscotch and caramel, with just the faintest hint of espresso.

Barely Buzzed fact of the day
The local dairy from which Beehive Cheese Co. sources its
jersey milk is committed to sustainable practices and uses a
methane digester to power their dairy. Yes, you heard it here
first, they are using their cow dung to fuel the farm!

Drink with
• Malbec
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Stout Beer
• Bourbon

Eat with
• Strawberries
• Roasted Almonds
• Dark Chocolate

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