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Bontaleggio di Grotta Taleggio - Greatness from darkness

Bontaleggio di Grotta Greatness from darkness

  • Producer - Mauri
  • Origin - Italy
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 6 months

In the northern reaches of Lombardy, Italy lies a valley called
Valsassina. This North-South running valley starts high in the
snow capped mountains and extends down to empty it’s melted
snow into the famous Lake Como. Beneath these snow capped
mountains lie several deep and important caves that one man
recognised as the ideal place to mature cheese. Early in the
1920’s, Emilio Mauri, stored cheeses in these caves due to their
unique and year-round stable climate. As the snow melted
above and trickled down through cracks into the cave, the
humidity remained high allowing for brilliant mould growth while
the constant temperature of 6 degrees meant maturing was slow
and beautiful. This cheese is similar the Mauri Taleggio, however
the best specimens are retained and matured for a further 3
months in the caves.

The extra maturation gives rise to a firmer and meatier cheese
than the Taleggio. The stronger flavour of this washed rind is
enhanced with a greater mould growth over its distinctive
orange hue. The light-coloured flesh is firm yet creamy while
the flavour is best matched with pretty much anything Italian.
You’ll be talking with your hand, especially each time your
say “Valsassina”.

D.O.C fact of the day
D.O.C. stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata. This
means the cheese, the quality and making is strictly protected
and controlled by the government and the EU. Each taleggio is
stamped in such a way to show that it meets the stringent
D.O.C. and also the unique identifier of the producer. The
brand is four circles which covers the entire cheese. The brand
should be shown, even when the cheese is cut.

Drink with
• Chianti
• Barolo
• Pinto Grigio

Eat with
• Muscatel

• Sourdough

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