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Celtic Red by Isle of Man Creamery

~ Red Leicester with a twist ~
Cheesemaking has been happening on the Isle of Man for centuries, as far back as the Vikings! Isle of Man Creamery began in 1919 - a whole century of making amazing cheese! The first commercial cheesemaker was Gladys Davis - the dairy farms where she sourced much of the milk from still remain on Isle of Man to this day.
The Creamery itself is set up as a co-operative of family owned dairy farms that are no more than 15 miles from the Creamery. This close knit set up means food miles are down whilst quality and freshness are high. With such history, tradition, long culinary heritage and quality control, it's easy to see why Isle of Man Creamery have a line up of award winning cheeses!
PRODUCER:  Isle of Man Creamery
ORIGIN: Isle of Man
AGEING: 5 - 18 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10
• Full bodied white wines
• Spanish Rioja
• Brown Ale
• Apples and Grapes
• In a cheese toastie

Celtic Red is a beautiful edition to a cheeseboard if you wish to add a little colour. A twist on the traditional recipe for Red Leicester. Celtic Red is complex, full flavoured and has a subtle crunch. Comparable to a Cheddar, this cheese combines notes of both sweet and savoury. A perfect cheese to make the ultimate cheese toastie.

You might be hard pressed to pin point where Isle of Man is situated? It is one of the British Isles that sits off the northwest coast of England, in the Irish Sea. Isle of Man is not part of the UK but it is under the Crown and self-governed. Approximately 48km long and 16km wide, the coastline is rocky and boasts stunning cliff scenery.
Isle of Man has the oldest continuous parliament in the World. The parliament has been standing without a break since 979! No wonder they need great cheese!!!
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