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Charleston by Kris Lloyd

~ Let it age before you eat ~
Kris Lloyd is considered royalty in the world of Australian cheese. Her dedicated work in developing the South Australian cheese industry has earnt her some great accolades, including the Telstra Business Woman Innovation Award but it was 2020 that really boosted her to a whole new level. Kris Lloyd was awarded an Order of Australia (AM) on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List!
PRODUCER:  Woodside by Kris Lloyd 
ORIGIN: Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia
AGEING: 6 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10
• Crisp Sparkling Wine
• Rosé
• Fresh Bread
• Seasonal Fruit

The Charleston a Jersey cow’s milk brie that is rich in a unique flavour influenced by the co-existence of different moulds on its surface. Surface mould cheeses, such as this, ripen from the outside in, so it is best eaten more than 6 weeks after it is made to fully enjoy the cheese at its ripest. When fully ripe, Charleston has a soft, creamy texture and develops a rich complex “farm yard” and mushroom characters. As the cheese ages, orange brownish spots may occur on the outer surface - this is the natural flora and part of the maturation. Flavours will become stronger and more pronounced.

The Order of Australia is an order of chivalry established by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975. It was created to recognise Australian citizens for achievement or meritorious service. Each year, only a maximum of 356 people can recieve this award. Any person can nominate an Australian citizen for an award, the nominations are then reviewed by the Council for the Order of Australia to then go on to be approved by the governor-general.
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