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Charlton’s Choice - A Masterpiece

Charlton’s Choice A Masterpiece

  • Producer – Berry’s Creek
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Sheep
  • Ageing - 3 to 4 months

Australia’s most awarded Cheesemaker, Barry Charlton, is the
“Master of Blue” in this country. Having won everything up to,
and including, Golds at the World Cheese Awards, Barry kind
of knows a little something about making great cheese.
Following on from his recent success of his 100% buffalo
Riverine Blue, the mission was set to create the next winner.
Just down the road from his Wilson’s Prom factory is the sheep
dairy of Justin Edgelow. Justin has raised a small herd of 200
East Friesian and Awassi Ewes that graze on rye and clover to
produce a protein and fat rich milk that is perfect for cheese
making. Enter the master cheese maker.

The most famous of sheep blues is the Roquefort, a very moist
French Cheese, often regarded at the King. Although they both
use the same type of milk and Penicillium Roqueforti mould, the
textures couldn’t be more different. Unlike the Roquefort which
retains a lot of the whey, Charlton’s Choice is almost dry and
crumbly with much of the whey being squeezed out due to
gravity pressing the young curds. The flavours are quite floral
due to the pasture-based milk while still being quite meaty. This
cheese is very hard to resist!

Blue Mould fact of the day
Apart from the distinct flavour that is blue, what does the
mould actually do to the cheese? The addition of one of the
two blue moulds; penecillium roqueforti or penecillium
glaucum, speeds up a couple of things. Firstly, the mould
breaks down the proteins which gives the cheese an extra
creamy texture, particularly near the mould veins. Secondly, it
breaks down the fats which give the cheese much of its tangy,
spicy, sharp and strong flavours. The mix of creaminess and
sharpness is pure heaven!

Drink with
• Champagne
• Pinot Noir
• Dessert Wine

Eat with
• Drizzled Truffled Honey
• Muscatel
• Walnuts

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