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Curly Red

~ Every lil' wrinkle has it's story! ~
Pecora Dairy Curly Red
Wrinkles are life’s little stories formed by the skin to be shown off proudly! That’s what we tell ourselves anyway! It certainly does sing true though for this young cheese. Behind the wrinkles of the Curly Red, there’s a good story. The distinctive coloured rind is created by regular hand-washing in brine. This encourages the proliferation of surface bacteria resulting in a complex flavour and aroma. Within its pale, ivory creamy centre, Curly Red is an unctuous sweet lactic cheese balanced by its wrinkly, aromatic rind.
PRODUCER:  Pecora Dairy
ORIGIN: Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 4 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• India Pale Ale
• Chardonnay
• Wholewheat crackers
• Fresh grapes
• Crusty bread
• Sourdough lavosh

The young cheese is lively with a lemony tang, giving way to more earthy and vegetal flavours with hints of honey as thecheese develops.

What’s in a name? Well, in the world of cheese, it nearly always tells us of its original. Brie is from Brie, Camembert is from Camembert… You get the idea. But not always. Cheddar is named after the village where the cheese was sold being the third train stop north of London. Confusing? That’s cheesemakers for you. In international courts is a battle to restrict the use of Brie and Camembert which gets so widely used by Australian makers. The chances of this restriction are high! What will we call our favourite soft goodies then?
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