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Emmental de savoie - Holy moly that’s a wheel of cheese!

Emmental de savoie Holy moly that’s a wheel of cheese!

  • Producer – Fromagerie Chambert
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 75 days

Hailing from the French town of Savoie In 1936, Camille
Chambert decided to start cheese making when the Mont
Blanc milk factory decided to pay less for the milk from farmers.
(An all too familiar story). Since he started, the farm has been
handed down through to generations and is now run by
brother and sister duo, Luc and Celine Chambert. Camille
started with the Emmental, and this great tradition continues,
even though modern retailing requires much smaller wheels.
Each wheel weighs a massive 75kg! This dying art has reduced
to just 40 wheels a year being made.

This cheese is easily recognisable by it’s famous holes (also
called eyes) which range in size from cherries to walnuts. The
holes are created by carbon dioxide bubbles caused various
species of bacteria in the cheese. The buttery, sweet and fruity
flavour has a smooth and chewy texture.

“Rule of 75” fact of the day
The process of creating these massive cheeses is a government
protected process with Fromagerie Chambert having to
adhere to the “Rule of 75”. This rule states that the cheese
must be 75kg, have a diameter of 75cm and be ripened for a
minimum of 75days.

Drink with
• Pinot Noir
• Gerwurtraminer
• Sauternes

Eat with
• Strawberries
• Fondue
• Melted on breadBe part of our Cheese Club here


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