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Figaro, Kris Lloyd

Adding to the Australian Landscape ~
Figaro Kris Lloyd

An ‘oh la la!’ cheese to add to your cheeseboard. Figaro is a stunning cheese that is washed several times before it is delicately wrapped in vine leaves from the family vineyard, Coriole in McLaren Vale. Kris Lloyd created this baby to add something new to the Australian cheese landscape, particularly for those of you chasing more complex and challenging flavours.

PRODUCER:  Kris Lloyd Artisan
ORIGIN: Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia
AGEING: 4-6 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 7/10

• Prosecco
• Chardonnay
• Sticky Wine

• Muscatels
• Cured Meats


Figaro is an interesting cocktail of secondary flora with soft pliable texture. A clean, herbaceous mouthful that also highlights the excellent quality milk. Once its time is spent in the cheese cave, Figaro develops a rusty red paste under the leaves that produces more intense flavours. A truly robust cheese, best consumed at room temperature.


Sounds obvious, we know, but not all cheeses are automatically vegetarian. Many cheesemakers opt not to use animal rennet, which is an animal by-product that curdles milk protein. Some cheese varieties are made without any curdling agent at all, or instead use plant-based options for the enzyme found in rennet. Vegetarian cheese types range widely from mozzarella to cheddar and ricotta, all made without the use of animal rennet. Vegan cheese is a whole other category of non-dairy, plant-based cheese that entirely excludes all animal product, including milk. You can look for ingredients in the cheesemakers’ notes and on their websites to learn more.

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