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Fougerus, from the heart of Brie

~ The heart of Brie, but not Brie ~
The word, Brie, has become somewhat a bastardised description of most white mould soft cheeses produced anywhere in the world. The rumour mill has it that the French are moving to protect the name just as Champagne has been. The Italians have worked hard for feta and have questionably moved to try and protect prosecco, but the jury is out on this one. Fougerus is from the heart of Brie but does not carry the name as it diverts slightly from the purist ideology of what Brie should be. The name, Fougerus, is unique to Rouzaire and a lessen to cheesemakers around the world in their naming of produce.
PRODUCER: Fromagerie Rouzaire
ORIGIN: France
AGEING: 30 days  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 1/10
• Champagne
• Prosecco
• Pinot Noir
• Figs
• Crusty Baguette
The distinguishing feature of Fougerus is the fern placed beautifully on top. The fern imparts a forest flavour and aroma to the cheese that highlights the Brie countryside. The French word for ‘fern’ is fougère, the obvious link to the name of this cheese. Once inside the white bloomy mould, the pate is soft and creamy. When ripe and taken past its best before date, the interior will be smooth and runny.
“Old World” cheeses of Europe and UK are typically named after the town where they first originated. Think of the cheese and you will find a region or town that lies at the gastronomic heart of that cheese… With the exception of stilton and cheddar. Stilton gets its name from where it was first sold, at the Bell Inn in Stilton, as this was the first staging coach stop for the London to Edinburgh route. Cheddar refers to a process of turning the curd 180degs which is called ‘cheddaring’.
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