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Fourme d’ambert 1000 years of tradition

Fourme d’ambert 1000 years of tradition

  • Producer - Cantorel
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 2 months

We all know that France is well known for centuries of cheese
making, history and tradition. Although Fourme d’Ambert is one
of the lesser known cheeses in Australia, it is certainly one of
Frances oldest dating back to the Roman occupation nearly
1,000 years ago.

Fourme d’Ambert (pronounced “form dombear”) has always
been created in a tall cylinder giving it its signature look. It has
been suggested that both the Druids and Gauls developed this
style of cheese. Now protected under an AOC status, the
tradition will stay throughout the ages.

Fourme is latin for “shape” while the cheese is from the town of
Ambert, hence creating the name. Ambert is in the cheese
making centre of France being the Auvergne region known for
creating masterpieces for centuries.

Of the great blues that come from France, this is perhaps one of
the more mild and least salty. The blue mould is first introduced
into cheese and then air is injected into the paté, allowing for
the mould to develop. The blue mould is more random in
location than other blues that have the typical blue streaks from
the needles.

The Auvergne Region fact of the day...
This area in central France has many unique characteristics
including the largest oak forest in Europe as well as dozens of
extinct volcanoes. The last eruption was 6,000 years ago. The
rich volcanic soil has created some of the greatest grazing
pastures to produce milk with high fat yields, essential for
amazing cheese production.

Drink with
• Dessert Wines
• Pinot Noir
• Shiraz
Eat with
• Pears
• Walnuts & Figs


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