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Fromager des Clarines - Made for baking

Fromager des Clarines Made for baking

  • Producer - Jean Perrin
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 6 weeks

The creation of Jean Perrin is a story of romance. In 1965, Jean
Perrin and Madeleine Vermot, both from old Franche-Comte
families, met. Both working in the cheese world in the Jura
Mountains of France, they decided to start their own dairy to
continue the traditions and connection to their region. Their
passion for tradition has been passed to their children,
Jean-Luc and Jean-Marie, who carry on the family business.
The authenticity and passion of Jean Perrin is testament to a
desire to never lose sight of where they came from and never
to forget the past.

This washed rind cheese is brilliant to eat by itself, but truly
comes alive when baked! Just once a year, this cheese is sold in
a ceramic dish to make for easy baking. There are many
different ways to bake this wonderful thing, some garlic, herbs,
a splash of wine and 20mins in the oven will perhaps make this
your favourite winter cheese. Who are we kidding, this is
perfect for any time of year! You’ll be thanking us.

Jura Mountains fact of the day
The Jura mountains are one of the best known cheese making
regions of Europe following the France-Switzerland border
and extending into both. This sub-alpine mountain range
traditionally produces what are often referred to as mountain
cheeses. The name “Jura” gives its name to the Jurassic period
and the Montes Jura, a mountain range on the moon. These
lunar mountain ranges rise to 6,100m while the highest peak in
the French Jura is just 1,720m. This elevation allows for year
round grazing. Modern practices of a combination of grass and
fodder feeding guarantees the animals’ wellbeing and a high
quality of milk.

Drink with
• Pinot Noir
• Chardonnay
• Champagne

Eat with
• Try our baked recipe
• Oaten biscuits
• Scoop it out with a spoon when very ripe

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