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Gin Herbalist

~ Circle of Life Cheese ~

Let’s talk about the great circle of life - cheese life that is! Once upon a time there was a cheese farm called Grandvewe. They made scrumptious cheese and from the whey, they made glorious gin and from the gin’s native Australian botanicals, they again made cheese! Introducing the Gin Herbalist crafted from a great circle of life between artisan cheese and boutique gin. Honestly, can you get a better match? This is one fine looking, fine tasting, simply fine cheese that your cheese board is begging you for! Modelled from famous sheep milk cheese crafted in the island of Corsica – the Fleur De Marquis, then rolled in a selection of herbs at its birth, the gin herbalist is a unique cheese, the kind of cheese you want to take out and show off to everyone. Like oh look at my cheese, it’s so pretty and tasty and nice and yummy and... You get it - we love this cheese!

PRODUCER:  Grandvewe
ORIGIN: Birchs Bay, TAS, Australia
AGEING: 6 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Gin and Tonic
• Riesling
• Rose
• Dark Breads
• Cured Meats
• Fresh Fruits

Enjoying Grandvewe Gin Herbalist is an experience giving you a taste of rare Australian natives with floral and sweet characters as well as Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle, Wattle seed, and Tasmanian pepper leaf. Oh yes, it’s a combination of fancy flavours! 

Cheesemakers often joke that the Best Before Date for most cheese should actually be called its 'Best After Date'. It’s always tastier the longer you can hold off eating this cheese. With age the rind becomes dotted with grey-blue mould. This is a good mould! This means the texture will be softer and it will absorb the savoury and herbaceous flavours of the rind. You'll be marvelling in a strikingly delicate balance with the warm, bright sheepy quality of the interior paste.
Fresh curd cheese and lactic cheeses that have little to no aging are best eaten fresh though.
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