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Graindorge Camembert

Graindorge Camembert So close to home

  • Producer - E. Graindorge
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 weeks

Just a short 20 minute drive North from the tiny town of
Camembert in Normandy, France, finds you at the Graindorge
Fromagerie. The epicentre of this splendid variation has been
bastardised over the years with makers all over the world
calling their rubbery substances, Camembert. Even this cheese,
delivered to Australia, has to use pasteurised milk to conform
to our food laws, renders it not entirely a camembert. But
damn, this is as close as we can possibly get, and it’s wonderful.

There really isn’t a cheese better known than Camembert and
eating the real deal is a treat that few in this country get
to experience. This Graindorge Camembert shows of its 100
years of expertise to create a truly French affair that is fitting
for any cheese board. The earthly flavours showcase what
great cheese is and how it should taste. Very much a step
up from the rubberised bitsa’s that are on offer in today’s
bland supermarkets.

Camembert fact of the day
Back in the late 1700’s, a farmer by the name of Marie Harel,
created a cheese that we all now know as Camembert. This
cheese was named after the small town in which she lived. Such
a staple to the French diet, camembert was added to soldiers’
ration packs in the First World War and is still ladled by hand if
it is to retain its certification. Much has been written of late of
the pending extinction of true camembert, but we are sure to
keep this alive for as long as we can.

Drink with
• Champagne
• Dry Cider
• Chenin Blanc

Eat with
• Baguette
• Grapes
• Cranberries


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