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Kangaloon Blue

~ For Ewe and You and Ewe ~
Pecora Dairy Kangaloon Blue
Situated 2 hours South West of Sydney on the New South Wales South Coast lies a small and young sheep milk dairy founded by Michael and Cressida McNamara. The green heart of the Southern Highlands allows for lush pastures, crystal clear creeks and the perfect ingredients to produce ewes milk cheese that has gained a lot of attention since they started making in 2011. Their light approach to farming reduces the stress on the land, stress on the animals and maximum flavours in everything they create.
PRODUCER:  Pecora Dairy
ORIGIN: Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 3-6 Months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Fruity Rose
• Moscato
• Sauternes
• Ruby Port
• Apples
• Pears
• Walnuts
• Crusty Bread

If you're not local to the New South Wales area you probably are wondering about the name of this blue. Why on earth Kangaloon? This cheese is made from milk second to none, sourced from the Whatman family dairy in Kangaloon. Using milk of such high standards sets the bar of this particular blue high up there with its complex notes. On the palate it has a subtle sweetness to it developed when aged that develops to earthy spiciness!

The mould that produces those amazing colours, smells and flavours in blue cheeses is called Penicillium Roqueforti. First discovered in the caves of Roquefort, France, this fungus has become the mould of choice the world over when it comes to blues. Although this mould is related to the antibiotic penicillin, blue cheese does not cause an allergic reaction like some people have to the antibiotic.
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