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Lamb Chopper - Left of centre

Lamb Chopper Left of centre

  • Producer – Cypress Grove
  • Origin - Holland
  • Milk Type - Sheep 
  • Ageing - 3 months 
Sometimes something pops up that just seems a little weird.
Like, say, a wheel of cheese emblazoned with a sheep riding a
motorbike. Yep, that’s right, that is how Lamb Chopper is
presented. But then again it is Dutch, so that kind of makes it
okay. The Dutch are no slouches at making cheese. In fact they
produce around 800 million kilograms a month and export
two-thirds of this, making them one of the largest cheese
exporters in the world. But that’s not the interesting thing
about this story. This cheese, although from Holland, is made
by one of the USA’s best known cheesemakers (and serious
hippy), Mary Keehn. Don’t be deceived by it’s packaging,
Lamb Chopper received a silver medal at the 2016 World
Cheese Awards. The flavour is mild, subtle, even delicate. This
is the cheese for everyone despite its bad boy exterior. But is it
Dutch or American?


A hard Dutch ewes milk cheese is never going to be big and
bitey. But it’s not meant to be. This buttery and smooth cheese
can be enjoyed just by itself but also melted on a rustic loaf or
mushrooms or shaved over a melon mint and prosciutto salad.

Dutch fact of the day
The word “dutch” simply meant “people or nation” in Old
English which also explains why Germany is called Deutschland
in German. The term Dutch was used to describe people from
both Germany and Netherlands. In Roman times, “Nether-
lands” was used to describe people of the low-lying (nether)
region (land). This terms was so widely used that the Kingdom
of the Netherlands came into existence in 1815. The word
“Holland” means “wood-land” and referred to the people of
the northern region of the Netherlands. Who said this was a
cheese lesson?

Drink with
• Brown Ale
• Savignon Blanc
• Chardonnay

Eat with
• Melt onto crusty bread with mushrooms & polenta
• Prociutto
• Melon and mint salad

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