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Le Dauphin Soumaintrain by Will Studd

~ Next to Godliness~
So many cheeses hailing from France have risen from monasteries. This cheese included. The reason for many monastic cheeses is that monasteries were unable to earn money apart from the making and sale of cheese. Many monasteries took on their own styles with many entering into the histories of cheese. But alas, many have now become nothing more than history and don’t continue to this day. But the Soumaintrain is one of those that has seen a resurgence. It’s easy to see why. It’s fantastic!
PRODUCER: Will Studd Selected
ORIGIN: France
AGEING: 4 weeks |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10
• Cloudy Pale Ale
• Old World Pinot Noir or Barbera
• Barrel Aged Chardonnay
• Muscatels
• Sourdough

A great washed rind cheese needs to start with a great cheese. In this case, the starting cheese is the always scrumptious Le Dauphin, a double cream that makes you cave in to more every time. As a young cheese, it gets washed in a brine for 21days to produce the gorgeous orange hue that shows through the white mould. The distinctive aroma and flavour is divine as you cut into a velvety interior that will always make you smile. This is your lucky-day cheese.

In simple terms, to create a stinky cheese, a camembert is washed in a solution to develop a bacteria grown rather than the white mould. The solution is up to the cheesemaker’s imagination. Most are washed in brine but the brave venture into other worlds such as brandy, cognac, wine, port and even Guinness. On this occasion, the use of sauvignon wine develops the growth of the bacteria, brevibacterium linens which, interestingly enough, are related to the same bacteria that cause foot odour. Of course, on this ocassion, the bacteria is beautiful and beneficial resulting in a typical French scent and often a more meaty cheese. On a serious note, getting washed everyday in sauvignon wine is how we wish we were brought up.
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