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Le Duc Vacherin - The ultimate party cheese

Le Duc Vacherin The ultimate party cheese

  • Producer – Perrin Family Dairy
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 months

We have long been fans of cheese master, Will Studd, who
searches the world to seek out the best cheeses and bring them
to us all. This Le Duc is derived from the seasonally available
Vacherin du Haut Doubs (France) and Vacherin du Mont d’Or.
This cheese is normally only available from 15 August to 31
March, meanwhile Will has given us a year round alternative that
stays true to the flavours, aromas and packaging that is Vacherin.
Each Vacherin is surrounded by a thin strip of hand carved
Spruce bark giving this cheese the ultimate party vibe.

Although technically a French washed rind, this cheese bares no
resemblance to the stench of the dirty feet of the gods. The
smell is more earthy and forest-like while the flavour is more
inline with a mild stinky. Quite often a washed rind is too much
for the Australian heat, yet this one packs it perfectly for
Summer as you wash this down with a cleansing ale or bubbles.
 Best to eat this close to, or beyond, the Best
Before Date.

Spruce fact of the day
The quintessential Christmas tree, Spruce has given the world
so much. The beauty of Spruce has been used in the music
world for centuries in the famous Stradivari violins to cellos and
harps. Captain Cook even used fresh shoots to create an
alcoholic drink rich in vitamin C and made it mandatory for
everyone onboard to drink each day. And it if wasn’t for the
Spruce, the Vacherin just wouldn’t be Vacherin. Each thin strip
is hand carved during Summer to give a somewhat festive
flavour to this brilliant cheese.

Drink with
• Wheat Beer
• Pinot Noir
• Chardonnay

Eat with
• Try our baked recipe
• Duchy Oaten Biscuits


Try our baked Le Duc recipe and you’ll be wanting this for
dinner everyday.







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