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L'Artisan Marcel

~ A nod to the French ~
In the cheesemaking world, there are cheesemakers who will keep making the same cheese and aim to perfect that. Meanwhile, there are makers who love to try new things, explore and showcase their talents. We love it when cheesemakers release something new. It’s kind of like your favourite restaurant has changed the menu, again. It’s time to explore. Matthieu Megard from L’Artisan has the pedigree to produce great fromage, being a third generation cheesemaker. His French heritage has shone through in this cheese which is styled from the St Marcellin cheese, near where he grew up.
PRODUCER:  L'Artisan
ORIGIN: Mortlake, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 3 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10
• Syrah
• Grenache
• Mourvédre
• Viogner
• Crackers
• Crusty Bread
• Try warming in the oven a few minutes

Great cheese starts with great milk. In this case, Matthieu gets his organic milk from cows grazing near Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The creaminess of the milk certainly makes itself known as you slice into this beautifully formed wheel. The wrinkly rind indicates the use of a particular fungus called Geotrichum Candidum. This is responsible for the cheeses’ ripening and reducing bitterness that can often come from other moulds. We prefer this cheese at it’s Best Before date.

The cheesemaker is the master of the petrie dish of moulds and bacteria as they select which to make with their cheese. Each style of cheese requires a particular mould which will give the signature flavours and aromas. Blue cheese utilises either Penicillium roqueforti or P. glaucum while most soft cheeses use P. camemberti. C. Camemberti moulds to help ripen the cheese from the outside, hence why they are called Surface-Ripened Cheeses. Cheeses such as St Marcellin, on the other hand can have a whole range of fungi allowing for a very distinctive style, texture, flavour and aroma.
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