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Milawa Brie, Milawa Cheese Co.

~ Just like a great bottle of red ~

Brie cheese dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was make by the monks of the Priory of Rueil en Brie. Quickly it became a highly desired cheese of French royalty. Fast forward a few hundred years and brie is now a popular choice of cheese all around the world! Milawa Cheese have developed their own spin on the this French classic and what a job they have done! This brie gives everything you want as you bite into it and keep coming back for more.

PRODUCER:  Milawa Cheese Co
ORIGIN: Milawa, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 3 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10

• Champagne
• Riesling
• Pinot Noir


• Light Breads
• Lavosh
• Wafer and Quince


One of the enjoyable things about a great bottle of wine is how the characteristics can change over years, but take it too far and it falls off a cliff into a vinegary waste only fit for the drain. Get it just before this moment and you will savour every drop. Consider this cheese as the sped up version, taking weeks rather than years to mature. Too young and it will be firm and light on flavour. Go past the Best Before date and the pate starts to break down, turning into that Instagrammable goo running across a table. The flavour gets richer and is what true cheese is all about.


Camembert and other white mould cheeses, are often referred to as surface-ripened cheeses. This means that they ripen from the surface, with the last to ripen being the centre. The stage of maturation of the cheese can be clearly seen when cut open to show a different texture between the centre and the rest of the cheese. Slightly under-ripe, the cheese at the centre will have a firmer, sometimes chalky, texture, while the rest will start to get that beautiful glisten that a gooey cheese gets.

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