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Mild Meadow by Coal River

~ Mild. Complex. Smooth. ~
Coal River Mild Meadow

Coal River Farm is the home of some of the best handcrafted cheeses in Australia. Created in the Coal River Valley, these mouth-watering cheeses have the benefit of the rich agrarian land of the valley, not to mention cheesemakers who are passionate about creating incredible artisan products.

 The Mild Meadow semi-hard cheese is the perfect balance of moisture and aridity. Its firm, but springy texture is achieved by compressing curds into a solid and draining them of any remaining whey. And the ageing process leaves a buttery, nutty, sweet and rich flavour profile that’s toothsomely delicious. 

Of course, semi-hard cheeses are well-known for being fantastic for cooking, and Mild Meadow is no different. From the easy but stunningly edible toastie, to retro-fab fondue, you’ll want to get this beauty in your cooking repertoire.

PRODUCER: Coal River Farm
ORIGIN: Cambridge, TAS, Australia
AGEING: 1-6 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 3/10
• Light white wine
• Pilsner beer
• Pinot noir
• Pear, fig, apple
• Raspberry jam
• Crusty french bread

This delicious Mild Meadow semi-hard cheese is youthfully aged with a firm, but springy texture and a flavour profile of rich, creamy hazelnuts and seared butter. Mild Meadow shows the perfect balance of moisture and aridity, with a complex, smooth finish. 

Perfect for melting between two slices of crusty sourdough bread or serving on a Friday arvo cheese platter (with tangy fruits to accompany). Don’t forget the cheeky white wine as the weather warms up, too!


Cheddar is one of the most popular semi-hard cheeses (because it’s super delicious!). But have you ever heard its creation story? The myth behind the creation of cheddar is that a milkmaid forgot about a pail of milk in a cave. And when she returned she discovered that it had solidified into the beautiful, golden, rich deliciousness that we know as cheddar today.

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