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~ Blossom of Brilliance ~

How is something so beautiful made, you ask? We are as in awe as you! Do you eat it? Do you look at it? Well, both! Once you’ve finished admiring it, then take a picture and enjoy. This one’s been trialled by the Brittish Royal family, so now you too can dine like monarchs. Using a traditional, overnight lactic fermentation method, a fresh creamy chevre is first created. The following day the curds are labelled by hand and drained before they are whipped with a generous seasoning. A selection of herbs and organic edible flowers that are in season decorate the cheese. Every cheese is seasonally themed. No two are the same. The cheese is named Monet after Monet Gardens because the finished product is not unlike photographs of his garden. Like all Kris Lloyd’s cheeses, the Monet holds lots of impressive awards including gold medals at the 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, 2012 South Australian Dairy Awards, 2012 Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show plus many more.

PRODUCER:  Kris Lloyd Artisan
ORIGIN: Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia
AGEING: No Aging - Fresh  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 2/10
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Rose
• Honeycomb
• Figs
• Oat Crackers

While you may think this one is all about the glamour, that can’t be further from the truth. Monet cheese tastes as good as it looks - it’s the very tatse of spring with a smooth and soft flavour profile.

We love all animals, big and small, and so do all our wonderful  Australian cheesemakers and dairy farmers. Speaking to them, we’ve found out a funny personality difference between goats and cows. They say the cows are often far more independent than the goats, who prefer some company and a good scratch behind the ears! They love companinship, so all those wonderful YouTube videos of goats are acurate! We say so, anyway.
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