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Morbier - A delight for all the senses

Morbier A delight for all the senses

  • Producer - Jean Perrin
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 4 months

In the strictest sense, this cheese is not a morbier. As Morbier
is a Controlled method by the government, the use of
pasteurised milk for Australia requires it to be called
Secret de Scey. Morbier refers to the tradition of a wheel
being half filled in the morning and then covered with ash to
preserve the cheese. Then the wheel is filled the next day to
complete the cheese.

This cheese, both semi-hard and washed rind, is one for the
senses. The aroma, the texture and flavour will set you for
wanting more. As you hold another piece of the cheese in your
hand, you will look at it, savour the flavour of your first bite and
take a moment to experience a wonderful moment. The small
calcium crystals give a surprising gritty crunch as the smell fills
your nostrils. This gives way to the creaminess of a full flavour
to complete your senses. You’ll be back.

Morbier fact of the day
In times gone by, when the cheesemaker was making Comte
(one of France’s greatest gifts to the world), there was often
curds left over, but not enough to fill a hoop. The curds were
poured into the hoop and sprinkled with ash and salt to
preserve the surface and stop it from drying out. The next day,
any further curds were placed on top until the hoop was filled.
This cheese was then washed in a brine to give its distinctive
flavour and aroma. Traditionally, this cheese was only for the
cheesemaker’s family as it was the “leftovers” of the process.
Today, this cheese is put into production as it brings an
artisanal tradition to the modern masses.

Drink with
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Pinot Grigio
• Riesling
• Pale Ale

Eat with
• Try as a fondue
• Melt on sour dough
• Eat it straight up


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