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Munster - A Monk’s Life

Munster A Monk’s Life

  • Producer - Haxaire
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 2 months
We have come to expect that many great European cheeses
have been around forever. This little Munster is no different
with links back to the town of Munster in the seventh century.
Legend has it that the cheese was cared for by the monks in
their cellars. They were given the cheeses and jars of butter as
payment by the cow herders for allowing them to transverse
their lands. The monks then gave the cheeses, once matured,
to the local community. In fact, the name, Munster is an
alteration of the word ‘monastery’.

As with all washed rinds, this cheese has those stinky ‘feet of the
gods’ smells. The degree of stench relates to its maturity. Each
cheese gets washed each day for three weeks to promote that
wonderful bacteria that gives us the aroma and unique flavour
that is washed rind. As this cheese ripens, the inside deepens in
colour and the flavour becomes more nutty and beefy.

Monastic cheese fact of the day...
In medieval times, monks raised their own livestock from which
they got milk to create cheese. They sold their cheese to sustain
their monasteries. The majority of monastic cheeses were
washed with brine or alcohol to give rise to what we now
affectionately know as stinky or washed-rind cheese. Why
alcohol? Well, of course the monks made their own booze, had
extensive cellars and also matured their cheeses in them. Almost
sounds idyllic!

Drink with
• Gewurztraminer
• Riesling
• Beaujolais

Eat with
• Boiled Potatoes
• Cumin Seeds



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