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Murcia al Vino by Merco

~ The Drunken Goat Cheese ~

Merco’s Murcia Al Vino is a beautiful Spanish cheese made from the unpasteurised milk of the Murciano-granadina goat—the primary milk-producing goat breed in Spain. Known as ‘the drunken goat cheese’ (a moniker we truly adore), this cheese is a modern interpretation of the traditional semi-hard cheeses of the Murcia region of Spain. And just one taste of this artisan-made beauty and you can see why it’s stood the test of time.

 Matured with a natural rind, it’s washed in the local red wines of the area over three months of ageing. This leaves it with a stunning burgundy coloured rind, a rich, floral perfume and a smooth, buttery texture. 

ORIGIN: Murcia Region, Spain
AGEING: 6 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Spanish Rioja
• Old amontillados
• Belgian Wits beer
• Roast chicken
• Fresh herbs
• Quiche

Murcia Al Vino is most recognisable for its striking purple rind. But what makes it the most memorable, is its incredible taste. Its flavour is mild, sweet and milky, with the slightly more mature and sharp aroma of wine to balance that out. With its flowery aroma and it’s creamy and elastic texture, it’s pretty much the perfect buttery, barrelly hard cheese. 

Grab a wheel, smear it with fresh herbs and serve with some oat crackers. A totally delicious way to spend an evening (we’re waiting for our invite!).


Did you know that often young goat milk cheeses are more piquant and feral than the aged variety. In fact, they’re almost exactly opposite to cow’s milk cheeses in that the longer they’re aged, the more approachable they are (not unlike wine, actually!). As your goat’s milk cheese ages, it becomes more buttery with overtones of citrus and cooked milk. More subtle. More milky. But no less flavourful.

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