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Petite brebis pimento - Think about it all day long

Petite Brebis Pimento think about it all day long

  • Producer – Fromagerie Agour
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Sheep
  • Ageing - 3 months

In a world of “striving for better”, technology and second
guessing consumer tastes, it’s refreshing to find a cheese and
a region that remains true to tradition and 4,000 years of
using the same recipe. The Pyrenees is often considered the
birthplace of the best sheep milk cheese in the world.
Their mixture of high and low altitude, lush grazing areas
and a sheep breed well suited to the sometimes harsh climate,
gives rise to a unique and musty-smelling cheese that is sweet
and nutty.

Unlike other cheeses from the region, this has been rubbed
with pimentos, a heart-shaped chilli pepper. This mild and
sweet pepper is the same that is often stuffed in Spanish olives.
The rind has a earthy mushroom smell while the pimento rub
creates small crystals that have a slight crunch when you bite
into it. The flesh of this beauty is amazing as its firmness,
sweetness and nutty flavour will make you keep thinking of it
throughout the day. This cheese is one that you could
keep nibbling on all day, have with any drink and just be happy.
It’s because of cheeses like this, that we love so much about
what we do.

Pyrenees cheese fact of the day
Traditionally cheese from the Pyrenees has been produced
from either the Spring or Autumn milks. The luscious and new
alpine grasses of Spring give a sweeter milk than those from
Autumn milk. In Spring, the shepherds would take their sheep
to graze on the high alpine grasses while living in stone huts
called Cayolars. Traditionally the shepherds would make their
cheese in their mountain Cayolars, mature them for 3 months
and then transport them down when the weather became too
hard for the sheep in Autumn.

Drink with
• Tempranillo
• Pinot Noir
Eat with
• Black Cherries
• Quince Paste

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