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Plain Havarti

~ Danish-Style Delight ~
This Plain Havarti style cheese is the base cheese for Apostle Whey Cheese's Heytesbury Harvest range. It won the highest-scoring semi-hard cheese at the DIAA awards in Melbourne 2014. It is a very smooth, creamy cheese. Let this one linger on your tastebuds and get wrapped up in the changing flavours. You’ll probably want to hide this one, because it is too easy to eat, before you know it  - where’s the cheese gone? 
PRODUCER:  Apostle Whey Cheese
ORIGIN: Cooriemungle, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 3 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 2/10
• Full bodied chardonnay
• Pinot Noir
• Medjool dates
• Sour cherries
• Fruit bread

This delightful cheese tends towards a cheddar flavour as it matures. Based off a Danish recipe this semi-hard cheese has a very smooth mouthfeel and mild flavour.

Traditional Havarti was originally made in small quantities, often on the farm or small dairy, and had a fuller, deeper flavour. The traditional version originated in Denmark in the mid-1800s, when Hanne Nielsen, a farmer, decided to travel around Europe in order to learn the art of cheesemaking. Once back at her own farm at Havarthigaard, north of Copenhagen, she produced a cheese that she named after the farm, giving rise to Havarti.
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