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Rusty, Kris Lloyd

~ Let it get funky! ~

Kris Lloyd is considered royalty in the world of Australian cheese. Her dedicated work in developing the South Australian cheese industry has earnt her some great accolades, including the Telstra Business Woman Innovation Award but it was 2020 that really boosted her to a whole new level. Kris Lloyd was awarded an Order of Australia (AM) on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List!

PRODUCER:  Kris Lloyd Artisan
ORIGIN: Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia
AGEING: 4 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10

• Crisp White Wine
• Shiraz
• Full-bodied Draught Beer


• Warm Bread
• Cured Meats
• Fresh Pear Slices


Rusty can be eaten 3-4 weeks after manufacture, but is at its best aged 6 to 8 weeks. This is when the paste has a consistency of soft butter. The taste is pungent and complex with strong grassy flavours. The cheese will continue to ripen beyond 8 weeks but the pungent flavour and aroma may be too strong for some. If you love a stinky, let it fully mature, but if you’re new to the whole washed rind game, then perhaps taste test a little now and see if it’s developed to your liking.


Kris Lloyd really wowed the world when she won a Super Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards three years ago for her stunning creation, Anthill, a creamy goat milk chevre sprinkled with Australian lemon myrtle and green ants! Yes, green ants. Kris was ahead of her time, as now green ants feature in gins, jams and a range of dishes for their caviar-like texture and zingy citrus tang. Many native bush tucker plants, seeds, nuts, berries and insects are making their way onto menus across the globe and Kris is renowned for bringing South Australia’s best local produce to the table.

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