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Saint Agur - Double Cream or Blue?

Saint Agur Double Cream or Blue?

  • Producer - Bongrain
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 Months

You know you’re on to a winner when a cheese crosses over into
two categories of soft and blue! This cheese is so creamy that it
is actually classified as a double cream cheese. After 3 months of
maturation to get the blue veins running through it, this cheese
is a delightful experience. How good is it? Well! It won a silver
medal in the World Cheese Awards in 2014.
Bongrain set up their operations in the mountainous central
France region of Auvergne which is certainly no stranger to the
production of world class cheese. Yet while other cheeses in the
region may date back centuries, this was only first developed in
1988. Their development of a cheese so significant is testament
to Bongrain’s pursuit of excellence.

Although this cheese has a strong aroma, this is certainly not an
indication of its intensity. We would say this is of medium
intensity compared to some of the big punchy blues. On first
taste the texture is what you will notice first; smooth and
creamy. The blue has some spice to it yet it is not a salty as many
other blues. You’ll certainly be coming back for more of this.
And why not snack on it during the day... We do.

Who is Saint Agur anyway?
Saint Agur lived in the Auvergne region around the 1520’s.
Although not much is written, he is best known as the patron
saint for the region’s dairy farms. He was made a saint because
he led 5,000 cows, on his own, from fires that wiped out all
villages. This saved the regions economy, allowing them to
rebuild a stronger community.

I just made that up. Saint Agur is just a name from the Marketing department at Bongrain.`

Drink with
• Full Bodied Reds
• Port

Eat with 
• Pears
• Walnuts & Figs

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