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Saint Angel

~ Yes, it’s from Heaven ~
Saint Angel
One thing the French get right is cheese. There’s no arguments there considering their long tradition of creating a huge amount of different styles. But one thing they frown upon is modernisation of techniques, instead, trying to pleasure the purists. Yet, one of France’s greatest cheesemakers, Guilloteau Fromagerie has utilised unique techniques that have given them global adoration for their ultra smooth and decadent morsels of pure mouth joy.
PRODUCER: Fromagerie Guilloteau
ORIGIN: France
AGEING: 3 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Champagne
• Riesling
• Pinot Noir
• Light breads
• Sourdough Lavosh
• Wafer
• Quince

Guilloteau Fromagerie’s famous brand of d’Affinois is known across the world as the go to cheese for pretty much anyone wanting silky creamy goodness. Saint Angel is created in the same way as d’Affinois except this cheese has extra cream added to make this a triple cream version. To be honest, there isn’t much separating this from butter. The velvety covering of fine white mould, soft luscious texture and satiny-buttery mouth feel give you the feeling that this is the cheese they eat in heaven.

The dominance of Guilloteau Fromagerie in the soft cheese world is due to their invention of ultrafiltration in the cheesemaking process. This process has been attempted by many others but all have failed to produce a flavour as rich and beautiful as theirs. During their pioneering process, they pass milk through a series of fine filters that filter out the solids. The solids are retained and used to create a cheese that is so smooth that it blurs the line between cheese and butter.
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