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San Simon - A Hotly Debated Cheese

San Simon A Hotly Debated Cheese

  • Producer - Merco Consortia Quesos
  • Origin - Spain 
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 months

For years, the origin and shape of this cheese has been hotly
debated. Although nobody really knows the true origins,
arguments still continue with some believing this cheese dates
back to Roman times. There are no recordings of this cheese
existing apart from Chinese whispers through many generations.
An equally large portion of Spaniards believe that in actual fact, this
was only created at the turn of the twentieth century. No one is
going to win so part two of the debating begins; its unusual shape.
The cheese was originally formed in a wood-spun cup that made it
easy for women to make only three pieces a day from the milk they
got from their own cows. Meanwhile, others believe its shape is to
represent the breast of the Madonna. We’ll let you decide.

The beautiful rich ochre colour showcases its cold-smoked
process. Having been smoked for more than an hour over green
birch branches, the aroma and look of this cheese are nothing
short than a Spanish masterpiece. The smooth and semi-firm
texture of the cheese is quite mild with tastes of butter, delicate
smoke and sweetness. Not saying we are nannas, but try this
with a sherry if you have some at the back of your cupboard.

Galicia fact of the day
The North-Western point of Spain, called Galicia, is home to this
wonderful cheese. The area, to this day, is still very much centred
around agriculture and very small towns. In fact, just 30% of the
3 million inhabitants live in cities. The remote romance of this
region is based on living. They have their own language,
Galician, which is not spoken in any other part of the world,
despite General Franco trying to outlaw it during his reign over
the country even though he was from the region. With 750 ine
white sand beaches and 4,000 fiestas held in Galicia every year,
it sounds like the right kind of place to visit.

Drink with
• Sherry
• Spanish White Wine
• Pinot Noir

Eat with
• Great for melting
• Pork or Beef
• Fruit & Vegetables

Smoking of the cheese

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