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Southern Briez

~ Moo-ve Over Any Old Brie ~
Moo-ve over any old brie, this is an International Grand Dairy award-winning Brie. This beautiful white mould cheese was also named Australia’s best in 2019! How does such a star come to existence? Well it is certainly rare - only occurring to such brilliance when two worlds perfectly align! Apostle Whey brings together smooth farm-fresh milk and their precise cheesemaking technique and boom - the Southern Briez is formed! They only use their own milk and handcraft all their cheeses to ensure incredible quality and consistency is achieved time and time again. You can really taste the craftsmanship in this little delight!
PRODUCER:  Apostle Whey Cheese
ORIGIN: Cooriemungle, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 4 Weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 1/10
• Sweet Rose
• Sparkling Wine
• Cranberry Jam
• Blueberries
• Sweet Bread

Southern Briez is a very creamy white mould cheese with a clean and fresh taste when young. Let it mature longer for a stronger, nuttier flavour.

The Twelve Apostles of Australia refer to the row of limestone stacks which line the shore along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. These rock formations are the result of ongoing erosion, brought upon by the harsh climates of the Southern Ocean. Throughout thousands of years, the crashing waves managed to erode the soft limestone, forming caves within the cliffs, which later became arches. The arches collapsed in time, leaving rock stacks measuring up to 45 meters high. Today, less than ten remain because of ongoing erosion. The 12 Apostles of Australia are a stellar example of our planet’s natural transformation and the wild weather that this region encounters. Landscape plays a big part in produce formation and this unique landscape certainly has its own twist on the flavour of the cheese - and we can't get enough of it!
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