Jacquin Buche De Montresor

~ Who draws the straw? ~ The Jacquin family have been making traditional goat's milk cheeses for over 60 years. The...

Le Marquis Chevre De La Foret

A heavenly soft, farmstead goat’s cheese from just outside of Paris. Will Studd is known for his connection to the great worldwide cheesemakers, he collaborates with them to bring a range of cheese with diversity, quality and oodles of history.

Le Dauphin Soumaintrain by Will Studd

A great washed rind cheese needs to start with a great cheese. In this case, the starting cheese is the always scrumptious Le Dauphin, a double cream that makes you cave in to more every time...

Petit D'Affinois

~ Top of the Rich List ~ This cheese is not just rich, it’s stinking rich. It’s the champagne-swilling, polo-playin...

Jacquin Buchette Ash

This is a beautiful cheese to include on a cheeseboard - the striking contrast of the black ash dusted onto the pure white is a delight for the eye. The Buchette is a mild and tangy fresh chevre and is slightly moist. Fantastic to use in cooking as well.

Le rouge - French heart and soul

There’s no mistaking that the world is in love with Frenchcheese. Seriously, it is the heart of the fromage world and hasgiven rise to flavours and styles that cheese makers across theglobe try to copy, often with little success. This cheese, on theother hand, has some serious French pedigree...

Bleu d’Auvergne - The Prince of the Blues

Quite often Roquefort is referred to as the King of the Blueswhile the Bleu d’Auvergne is called the Prince due to it’s younger, sweeter style. The creaminess of this offering from South-Central France will have you blessing the cheesemaker.

Fourme d’ambert 1000 years of tradition

We all know that France is well known for centuries of cheesemaking, history and tradition. Although Fourme d’Ambert is oneof the lesser known cheeses in Australia, it is certainly one ofFrances oldest dating back to the Roman occupation nearly1,000 years ago.

Fromager des Clarines - Made for baking

The creation of Jean Perrin is a story of romance. In 1965, JeanPerrin and Madeleine Vermot, both from old Franche-Comtefamilies, met. Both working in the cheese world in the JuraMountains of France, they decided to start their own dairy tocontinue the traditions and connection to their region. Theirpassion for tradition has been passed to their children,Jean-Luc and Jean-Marie, who carry on the family business.The authenticity and passion of Jean Perrin is testament to adesire to never lose sight of where they came from and neverto forget the past.

Fougerus, from the heart of Brie

~ The heart of Brie, but not Brie ~ The word, Brie, has become somewhat a bastardised description of most ...

Roquefort - The King of French Cheese

In a country of brilliant cheese, being declared “Le Roi desfromages” (The King of Cheeses), is no short task. Over thecenturies, Roquefort has captivated all who have tasted it, fromJulius Caesar to Denis Diderot.

Saint Agur - Double Cream or Blue?

You know you’re on to a winner when a cheese crosses over intotwo categories of soft and blue! This cheese is so creamy that itis actually classified as a double cream cheese. After 3 months ofmaturation to get the blue veins running through it, this cheeseis a delightful experience. 
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