french cheese

Jacquin Buche De Montresor

~ Who draws the straw? ~ The Jacquin family have been making traditional goat's milk cheeses for over 60 years. The...

Le Marquis Chevre De La Foret

A heavenly soft, farmstead goat’s cheese from just outside of Paris. Will Studd is known for his connection to the great worldwide cheesemakers, he collaborates with them to bring a range of cheese with diversity, quality and oodles of history.

Le Dauphin Soumaintrain by Will Studd

A great washed rind cheese needs to start with a great cheese. In this case, the starting cheese is the always scrumptious Le Dauphin, a double cream that makes you cave in to more every time...

Petit D'Affinois

~ Top of the Rich List ~ This cheese is not just rich, it’s stinking rich. It’s the champagne-swilling, polo-playin...

Jacquin Buchette Ash

This is a beautiful cheese to include on a cheeseboard - the striking contrast of the black ash dusted onto the pure white is a delight for the eye. The Buchette is a mild and tangy fresh chevre and is slightly moist. Fantastic to use in cooking as well.
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