Hard Cheese

Mature Cheddar, Maffra

A striking cheese to the eye with it’s cut shape and red wax against its rich yellow body, Ferial has created a masterpiece with a cheese that has sweetness and complexity and perfect ageing.

David Brown Select Cheddar by Milawa Cheese

Milawa’s David Brown has a particular love for aged cheddars and personally selects cheddar to mature in his cheese rooms. It’s not an easy task to select the best cheddar but David has the know-how and has made this his specialty... 

Celtic Red by Isle of Man Creamery

Celtic Red is a beautiful edition to a cheeseboard if you wish to add a little colour. A twist on the traditional recipe for Red Leicester...

L'Amuse Gouda

As far as Gouda goes, this is considered the best there is. Each wheel is individually selected and taken to l’Amuse for ripening. During this time, the cheese develops a deep orange pate as well as the formation of lactic crystals to give it an interesting texture.

White Wensleydale, Maffra

If it wasn’t for some quick thinking dairy farmers in North Yorkshire in the UK, Wendsleydale cheese would have disappeared into history. Generations later, on the other side of the world, a single cow herd on a little farm in Gippsland, Victoria, is re-creating this almost lost recipe. And boy are they doing it well! 

Clothbound Cheddar - From the most chilled cows on the planet

Quite often you will hear cheesemakers talking about thehappiness of their cows to produce the highest quality of milkpossible. Many believe this to be the number one factor andPyengana have taken this concept to the stratosphere! 

Firstkönig, Bringing back to life a forgotten cheese

Firstkönig, The Mountain Cheese Producer - Güntensperger Käse Origin - Switzerland Milk Type - Cow Ageing - 3 month...

Pecorino Toscano Stagionato - Well that’s surprising!

Let’s face it, you can get somewhat “interested” in a pecorino. Yes, it is great on your pasta and we’ve all tasted it before. You shave it, grate it, sprinkle it and spread it on your favourite dish. You may even put it on a salad if you dare. Yeah, it’s a tad dull now. But then this happens; Pecorino Toscano. 

Vintage Clothbound Farmhouse Cheddar - It’s how cheddar should be made

One of the great traditions of the cheese world is the origin ofcheeses and their influence on the wider turophile community.Where would the world be without the French northern regionof Brie or even the town of Camembert? Great cheese styles oftoday are named after their birth town many centuries ago. Butthen there’s the United Kingdom. We all know they are a littledifferent.

Caprinelle tome de chévre - Wow!

Quite often a goats cheese milk can be quite polarising.People either love it or hate it. This Chèvre will really testpeople’s personal thoughts as they taste quite a complex yetsubtle cheese.

Cornish Kern - Best of British

The region of Cornwall isn’t the first place that springs to mindwhen it comes to world-beating cheeses, but the southwesterntip of England continues to produce some cracking cheeses. Ofthe sixty-odd varieties that come from the area, several havebeen given the title of “Best of British” and even gone furtherto gain acclaim at the World Cheese Awards.

Emmental de savoie - Holy moly that’s a wheel of cheese!

Hailing from the French town of Savoie In 1936, CamilleChambert decided to start cheese making when the MontBlanc milk factory decided to pay less for the milk from farmers.(An all too familiar story). Since he started, the farm has beenhanded down through to generations and is now run bybrother and sister duo, Luc and Celine Chambert
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